Probate & Trust Litigation

probate-trust-litigation-attorney-lawrence-kansas-denton-lawLosing a loved one is never easy and too often, there are conflicts between heirs resulting in disputes during the administration process. Unfortunately, as painful as this may be, these issues must be dealt with in a timely manner during the administration and distribution process. At Denton Law, L.L.C., I can help you manage disputes between the estate administrator and heirs of an estate.

Denton Law, L.L.C. Helps Find Solutions to Estate Disputes

My goal is to always ensure that my client’s rights are protected. Whether you are a personal representative (administrator, executor, or trustee), an heir of a decedent or a beneficiary under a will or trust, if you feel there are problems, I can help you with some of the following:

  • Mental incapacity or undue influence – if you feel you were written out of a will because someone exercised undue influence or your loved one was incapacitated, a claim is being made against you that you exercised undue influence.
  • Trust mismanagement – if you feel the successor trustee is not communicating with you or is not handling trust assets appropriately, I can assist you with obtaining trust information, or a claim is made against you for mishandling of trust or estate assets and funds.
  • Unusual modifications – if you feel a trust has been modified unnecessarily or a will is not valid, I can help you investigate and file suit when necessary, or represent you to defend the modification and will.

I know that oftentimes emotions run high when a family member has been lost and heirs and beneficiaries do not always agree with the choices that the named representative makes, even when they are in accordance with the decedent’s wishes. I will help protect you as a personal representative from family claims that have no bearing or assist you with making valid claims.

Whether you are an heir to a will, a beneficiary of a trust or you are an executor, administrator or a successor trustee, your rights must be protected during the probate process. Contact Denton Law, L.L.C. at (720) 638-1605 if you have any issues that may lead to litigation. I handle all types of probate litigation in Lawrence, Kansas and Northeast Kansas, including the Kansas City metropolitan area. I also provide these services in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area and Grand County, Colorado.