Business Planning

business-planning-attorney-lawrence-kansas-denton-lawWhen you are starting a business, you may believe you can do most of your planning without the assistance of an attorney. However, hiring a business planning attorney can save you time and in the long-run it can also save you money and grief. At Denton Law, L.L.C., I can help with a broad range of business planning services including:

  • Business formation – the right structure is important for purposes of taxation and to protect your personal assets. At Denton Law, L.L.C., I will work with you to determine what business structure works best for your individual circumstances.
  • Business succession planning – the last thing you want to worry about is whether your business will outlast you. Having a succession plan in place can help provide guidance to those who are left behind and ensure your business continues to grow and thrive without you.
  • Business transactions – having a contract in place with suppliers and clients is the first rule of good business. I can help you with various contracts to ensure your business is protected fully from the beginning of a transaction through to the successful conclusion of a deal.
  • Shareholder agreements – when your company has grown to a size where it makes sense to have a public offering or if you have multiple people involved in your business you will need various agreements with the shareholders. The legal requirements necessary can be complicated and must be prepared in a way that will stand up to strict legal and financial scrutiny. At Denton Law, L.L.C., I have the skill necessary to draft these agreements in a manner that protects both your shareholders and your business.
  • Business dissolution – even when you have the best of intentions, sometimes businesses fail or you simply decide running a business is no longer a viable option. However, closing a business has a number of legal and financial implications. I can help you with all of the required notifications to employees, vendors and creditors and help you with final tax filings and other required documents.

Starting a business is always exciting but there are also countless legal documents that must be available to ensure your success. Whether you need help with deciding on a business structure, preparing employee manuals or designing contracts for employees or vendors, you can count on Denton Law, L.L.C. Contact Denton Law, L.L.C. at (720) 638-1605 or all your business planning needs in Lawrence, Kansas and Northeast Kansas, including the Kansas City metropolitan area. I also provide these services in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area and Grand County, Colorado.